Let the Reading Begin

New long term project!  I’ve decided to take on one of the most ambitious things I could think of, given my time constraints.  Over the course of the Fall semester, Winter break and (most likely) early Spring semester, I will be conducting a literature review.  Of what, well, that has yet to be fully defined.  I’ve started a cursory review of one general topic, brain changes associated with online learning/computer-assisted instruction and their implications.  Time and exposure will most likely craft the topic into unknown territory.

I admit I have a horrible track record of starting to blog about my long term, non-work-related projects.  At this point I can only say that I will try better than I have in the past!  As I begin to review articles (mostly), books (somewhat), and other sources (you never know in this day and age), I aim to blog my initial evaluations about outstanding sources.

Let the fun begin!

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